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Skiing in Winter,
Hiking in Spring,
Swimming in Summer,
or Culture in Autumn...

...you are warmly welcome at any time of the year!

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WeinlandSouthstyria is a beautiful tourist area in Austria which lies within a changeful landscape.
The undulating vineyards and their wineroutes are widely also known as the "Toskany of Styria". The area around the city of Leibnitz until the gentle hills in front of the slowenian and charinthian border are one of the most beautiful regions in Austria no matter what season.

Lieing amongst the "Naturpark Südsteirisches Weinland" (natural park southstyrian vineland), this natural habitat offers a variety of great experiences. Stories and adventures about people, landscape, wine, beer and everything else which makes this region so special and loveable. Experience exact this enjoyment on countless wineroutes, hiking-, biking- and joggingroutes.

And something else is characteristic for this reagion: the culinaric hightlights: delicious home-made food and drinks at our Buschenschaenken, the secret of our wines in the cellars and in addition to that the unique Kuerbiskernoel (pumpkin oil). Your demand of culture is satisfied by several cultural events, e.g. theaters, museums or music events.

This region is not a typical wintersport area, but you can find some skiing regions, cross-country skiing routes and winter hiking routes within a wider radius. Everyone who searches the experience of nature is precisely right in our leisure residence in winter, when the vineyards are covered in snow. They offer a wonderful view and therefore it is simple to switch off for a while.

Enjoy yourself and try some of the many free time and cultural activities in the region:

Sport- und Enjoymentroutes

5 hiking routes (Kleeblatt Wanderwege, Glanzner Hoftour, Grenz-Panoramaweg, ...)
2 jogging routes (WelschLauf, Hopfenmeile)
6 biking routes (Weinland Radweg, Panorama Radweg, Weinstraßen Radrundweg, 3 Eichbergradwege)
6 wineroutes (Südsteirische Weinstraße, Klapotetzstraße, Alte Weinstraße, ...)

Sport- und Relaxing facilities

open air bath (approx. 5km)
riding stable (approx. 5km) - carriage riding, riding courses, ride
aero club (approx. 5km) - sightseeing flight
soccer field (approx. 5km)
trike- and motorcycle rental (approx. 5km)
tennis hall (approx. 5km)
minigolf (approx. 8km)
natural bowling alley (approx. 8km)
indoor swimming pool (approx. 15km)
golf course (approx. 20km)
skiing region Koralm (approx. 1h car drive) - Weinebene, Hebalm

Cultural experience

"World's Biggest Grape" - Glanz
"Hand of the Wine" - Schloßberg
"World's Highest Klapotetz" - Demmerkogel
Museum of Hallstatt - Großklein
Klapothek - Arnfels
Mausoleum - Ehrenhausen
Oil mill Kremsner - Großklein
Oil museum and oil press - Heimschuh
Roman Village - Wagna
Roman Cave - Aflenz
Roman Museum "Flavia Solva" - Wagna
Watermill - Eichberg-Trautenburg
Castle Seggau
Castle Trautenburg
Templemuseum - Frauenberg
four observation towers (Kreuzberg, Kreuzkogel, Demmerkogel, Montikogel)
Winegrowing museum - Castle Gamlitz
Cultural vineyard - Eichberg-Trautenburg
Instructional trail trough a vineyard - Silberberg

Many other attractions are also waiting in the region to get discovered. Please refer to our tourist maps inside the leisure residence.

Weather - average

Airport Graz
Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
highest temp. (°C) 1 4 9 14 19 22 25 24 20 14 7 2
lowet temp. (°C) -5 -3 0 6 10 13 15 14 11 6 1 -2
humidity (%) 88 76 75 71 70 71 73 76 81 85 87 91
sunshine hours (h) 3 5 5 6 7 7 8 8 6 4 3 2
amount of rain (mm) 29 29 36 61 86 118 136 110 96 116 68 47

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