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The Bedroom No.3 is the one with the most free space. It is furnished with a king-size bed as well as a single-bed (adapted for parents with a single child).

bedroom no.3
The windows are directed to the east, where you can get a view around the parking lot and the surrounding forest. Especially in the morning time you can watch the lively game of the sunrays.

The room is furnished furthermore with two bedside tables for the king-size-bed, a cupboard for the single-bed, a desk, a chair and a big armoire used as storage space. You'll also find a color TV with a remote control and a small radio with speakers.

bedroom No.3 armoirebedroom no.3 single-bed
This bedroom does not have a balcony, but in contrast to the other bedrooms, it has its own small bathroom with direct access.

bedroom no.3 access to a small bathroom

So let's take a look at the small bathroom.

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