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The living room is the common area in the house. It is the communication-, entertainment and relaxation centre at the same time.

living room complete

You discover the tiled stove immediately. It can be heated during cold seasons to warm the surrounding rooms with a pleasurable warmth. You can find enough wood for the oven in front of the house under the stairs which lead to the terrace. You can use these wood for free.

The living room is furnished with a comfortable couch and a small table (for some persons also as dining table useable) and is equipped with cable TV and home cinema (5.1 surround-stereo, DVD-player, VHS-recorder) devices.

living room
You'll find a cabinet at the rear side of the room. There are wine glasses, which can be used to enjoy some wine from our local winegrowers.

living room

After we visited the living room, let's take a small look at the last room on the ground floor - the lumberroom.

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